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White Wine

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Our first dessert wine made from Orange Muscat grapes.  Fortified with Brandy for a beautiful port style wine!  Notes of orange blossum and roses on the nose with lovely flavors of citrus and macadamia nuts!  

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SKU: RS El Gato Dessert

Gruner Veltliner originated in Austria and means "green wine of Veltin."  This grape thrives in the Yoder Cellars Vineyard in Dallam County of Texas.  

This is a wonderfully crisp dry white wine perfectly paired with richly flavored foods.  The textured layers of lemon, honey, nuts and its velvet like feel is easily paired with rich meats and grilled asparagus.

The Yoder "Cultural Appropriation" is a very unique wine that will surprise your palate with many layers and complexity.

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SKU: 19 YC Cultural Appropriation - Gruner Veltliner